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*iki repeats and repeats unconsciously every day.


Feel *iki passing through your body, the sound going around, 

the beat and the temperature  of your blood stream.


The3 body resonate embodies yourself.


Listen to your own breath, the consciousness forgotten.

Feel your own *iki.


Every being vibrates and resonates with you.

Everybody knows by instinct what is essential to live.


“*iki" is yourself.

Live your own life.


When you are born coming to the earth, *iki comes back to you.

When you die and return to the earth, *iki  comes out from your body.


To live is to *iki-ru.



*one of the meanings of iki is breath. 

Many things circulate around our body by breathing.

 iki-ru meaning "to live" is formed by adding "ru(an auxiliary verb meaning continuous)" to iki. 

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